EO Mini Pro

EO Mini Pro

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Looking for a discreet charger for your home? Meet the EO Mini Pro 2, the world’s smallest smart home charger designed for the everyday electric vehicle driver. Our latest home charger focuses on connectivity and reliability and combines the functionality of its predecessor and the EO Mini Smart Home.


    The EO Mini Pro socket includes 6mA DC leakage protection - with wifi connection to online portal and app. Price includes 3 years' admin fee.

    Price from Yr 3 Onwards €150 every 3 Years for use of app

    The Free App tracks all your usage on the unit and enables you to re-charge this to your company or customers


    • Solar matching capabilities & load management (optional extras)

    • Monitor energy usage and set charging schedules

    • OLEV approved: Home Charge Grant (UK only)

    • Compact size: 175mm (H) x 125m (W) x 125mm (D)

    • Ready for any EV - suitable for the EVs of today and tomorrow

    • Power ratings: up to 7.2kW

    • Universal socket or Tethered (Type 1 or 2)

    • 3-year product warranty

    • Conforms to international safety standards